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THE WALL (2015-2016)


This project is a trilogy composed of the following volumes: The Arena, The Omen, The Garden.

One after the other, the volumes can be read as three different periods in history and three ways of relating to our environment.

The Arena refers to an original time and to a place without limit, scale or point of reference.

The Omen presents a surrounding we have learnt to fear and to understand through the observation of cycles (seasons, days and nights) and the repetition of shapes.

The Garden evokes the modern project of transforming the environment to meet the human scale and our needs.

However, these volumes also suggest that the reading of space is linked to a specific conception of time: the eternity, the repetition and a life-time.

Reflecting on these possibilities of relating to our environment and of conceiving time, the title The Wall refers to the question of what could lie in front of us.

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