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The book Additional Satellite presents a vision of a country beset by doubts and boredom.

The images of youth, rurality, suburbs, echo one after the other to the various issues of French contemporary society: economical and territorial inequalities, conflicts between generations, fear of the other, nostalgia for an idealized culture and history.


The reader cannot rely on a straight narration, but does recognize fragments of a collective and intimate story. The tension does not lie only in what is shown, but in the desire to make sense of it, constantly troubled.


This experience repeats the main theme of the book: the difficulty of a society to perceive and accept itself for what it is today –  one of cause for the unease, discontent and withdrawing into itself of the French contemporary society.

28 cm x 21,6 cm 

68 pages 

32 color photographs 

Hard cover 

Date of publication: December 2012 

1st edition of 150 copies 

ISBN : 979-10-90306-12-7 

48,00 Euros 

Distribution (sold out)


LE BAL Books (Paris)
Librairie Jeu de Paume (Paris)
Librairie Galerie Yvon Lambert (Paris)
Walther König Bookshop (Cologne)
Musée de l'Elysée (Lausanne)
Café Lehmitz Photobooks (Cologne)
TipiBookshop (Brussels)
Librairie Actes Sud (Arles)

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