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AGREEMENTS (2017-2020)

"In presenting her ongoing project the photographer had used the word 'coulisses', the sceneries of a theater, a word that has stayed with me. For a little more than a year she has accompanied the French minister of defense on all of her travels, as photographer for the communications team. Travelling around the world to conferences, meetings, and all sorts of sites of strategical importance, the photographer started using the camera 'sideways', documenting parts of the scenery that would possibly not fit into the the definition of material for communication. In every system of representation however, movable elements, decorative parts that cover functionalities, connections hidden to the eye are to be expected, maybe not always fancy sliding doors and hidden tunnels, but sometimes rather simple solutions to bridge over the gaps in pre-existing architectures, not meant for their current use. With a sense for atmosphere, and no fear to give space to the emotions of the people photographed voluntarily or not, and a clear eye for architecture these photographs give some ideas of the hidden and arcanae, and even more of the quite brutal make-up of reality."

Sebastian Arthur Hau, Camera Austria #143, 2018

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